Liucia is a brand that is specializing in a swimwear specifically designed to be worn on the yachts and beach clubs. Sophisticated, limited edition, exclusive and collectable. Only handful of pieces are made for the women who are unique, who are special, who stand out and who know their worth.

The swimsuits are eye catching and designed to deliver on lifestyle while having brunch on board or just enjoying the yacht life without compromising sophistication and comfort. We have started our journey because we couldn't find another swimwear brand that would be specialising in this niche. Also, we don't create something that last you a season. We create something that is chic, stylish and timeless.

We think creativity has nothing to do with the set of rules of collection launches. So we don't follow the dates. Each and every piece is created with lots of passion, lots of love and time. Indeed, like a work or art in a shape of swimsuit.




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